Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wednesday Wrap Up

My projects haven't really changed much over the past few weeks since I've been working on a few larger pieces. Let me just say that I am SO ready to be knitting something for myself ;) It's been far too long and I have some Plucky Bello itching to be used. I've resumed working on my friend's wedding shawl because ZOMG it's almost time. I'm on the last full repeat and waiting for another ball of yarn, so I'll be feeling a lot better when it actually arrives so I can start the edging.

Winnowing by Bristol Ivy
I managed to wrap up a WIP last night and hope to take some photos this evening. It's been ungodly hot here in Seal Beach, so I don't really want to force Matt into a woolly sweater on the beach. I'll have to settle for an Instagram shot for the time being. (Hey! Add me over there)

Brownstone by Jared Flood
I would have to say this might just be my favorite sweater I've knit. And it's not even for me! I told Matt I was working on a sweater for myself and when I handed it to him last night, his eyes legit bugged out in surprise. Poor boy acts like he's deprived of knit wear? Bitch, please. I'll post more about it on FO Friday :)

I've been reading A LOT since I moved here. My love of books has been a lifelong affair and, over the years, that love and ebbed and flowed throughout my life. For the past few years I just haven't been reading. Maybe it was college that took that desire from me, but I just haven't really felt like it? Not to say I gave it up completely, but I averaged maybe five books a year. And that's pretty sad for anyone, let alone a former English major.
My days here have been pretty quiet. My leg is still jacked up and I've grown bitter. Because now I can't and others can and I'm upset about that. I'm now confined to the gym and chain myself to the Arc Trainer every single most weekdays. Instead of feeling like a galloping gazelle on the river trail, I now feel caged. The plus side here is that I have 30-60 minutes of prime reading time every morning.

So yes. I've been reading a lot since I moved here. I find it helps if I start a book right after I finish one, so I don't lose that rhythm I've developed. I've read six books since moving here a month and a half ago, and if this continues I just might reach my 2013 reading goal of 30. Woohoo! Seeing my little progress bar update on my Goodreads account also gives me a boost.

The book I finished last night (at 2am!) was beautifully written. The Snow Child is set in Alaska and is a retelling of a classic tale about an elderly couple who wish for a child of their own more so than anything else. It really was a beautiful book and even though I could see the ending coming for a mile away, I really did enjoy reading it. This old lady stayed up til 2am for it! If you're into dreamy novels with a beautiful backdrop this one is for you!

This, along with Ticket to the Fair, a personal essay by David Foster Wallace, have me really thinking about setting and the identity a person can form from where they live and the time they live in. I read Ticket to the Fair, written by DFW as a lifelong Midwesterner returning from a few years on the East Coast and I was shocked by how intangible my own memories of home have become. It feels like I haven't lived at home in a long, long time, but it's only been two years. Maybe it's because I'd already left, in spirit, years before. I'd always dreamt of the day when I would move to the East Coast; Boston or Portland, I thought.

I miss Home; Matt misses home. Could we go home and be happy there? Maybe. Could we go home and be bored out of our skulls? Probably. We haven't found our place yet and I think that's what keeps us moving. But that can only last so long.

I got a restorative postcard yesterday from Skyle in Philly. It was really nice to know that people out there are thinking of me. Now I want to send/receive all of the postcards. Who wants a postcard swapping penpal? 

Now I will spend the rest of the day restarting Pretty Little Liars from the very beginning. No spoilers here, but last night's episode makes me want to look for some A clues! I've turned into a big ol' wuss and was spoiled by the cool 70s when I moved here. Now it's far too hot to go outside.  

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