Wednesday, March 5, 2014

WIP Wednesday: Coeur de Lion & Sushi Socks!

Another week and another sock WIP. I know, you're probably so bored of seeing these vanilla socks I keep knitting. I'm reaching the point where I need to set down the socks and knit all of the sweaters (see last Friday's post), but then I see my little stack of socks sitting in my bedside table and I want to keep on keeping on. Plus the California heatwave is back and the thought of being wrapped in wool is actually making my skin crawl. So socks it is.

I actually took this picture yesterday and since then I've made a TON of progress. I had a horrible time at the dentist's office on Monday (Almost 3 hours between when I left and got home + all of the pain), so I told myself that if I was still hurting on Tuesday I could use it as a do nothing day. Sure enough my mouth was in pain and so was my whole body from arms day, so I did NOTHING but knit all day. It was glorious. I managed to finish that second gray/green sock (sans afterthought heel), start my second sushi sock AND reach the leg. It was really ridiculous. Now I'm plotting my next pairs of socks...since I can't just be normal and cast on for a single pair. I still have to do the heels on all four of these socks, but since that is finishing work who knows when that will get done. Who knows? Not me.

Dreaming of more socks. All of the socks.
I've been trying super hard to not get distracted by things. I have all of the gifts to knit but none of the motivation to knit them. I'm pretty sure the recipients won't stumble upon this blog, but I'm still reluctant to post any ideas or even say the pattern names. I need to cast on for one of the intended gifts IMMEDIATELY. Like, I should have done it 2 weeks ago, but I'm insane and would rather spend my evenings back home staying up until 2am and working then. I speak from experience; welcome to my next two weeks. One thing that is holding me back is my need to finish something, specifically my Coeur de Lion, which I blogged about last week. 

Poor neglected Coeur de Lion
I love this shawl. The color, the garter body coupled with the lace bottom, etc. What don't I love? Edgings. I effing hate edgings so much. This edging is knitted onto the rest of the shawl and acts as the "bind off," which is nice, but it just takes so darn long. Each RS row binds off one stitch, so this shawl is seemingly neverending. I can only do 2-3 chart repeats (there are 16) before I have to set it down and work on something else. I'm glad that you can finally see what exactly is going on in the lace though! That's good, right? Today I'm actually supposed to be doing things, but I got sucked into a few episodes of Gynx's (super addicting) podcast and managed to get 4 repeats done this morning. Woohoo!! I really want to power through the rest of the edging during my downtime today so that I can block it before Matt's sister arrives this weekend. And, y'know, start on that mountain of gift knitting I signed myself up for.

Oy vey.

So those are my WIPs for the week. I'll be traveling next Wednesday, but hopefully I'll still be able to post some new WIPs by then. Nothing is worse than a lingering WIP. Off to the gym, the scale, and my invisible sobs. Just kidding. Mostly.

Happy knitting all!

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