Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tuesday Photos: Beer, FOs & Sunshine

It's been a pretty exciting week! I've been knitting (and finishing things) like crazy. Also, Matt's sister and her boyfriend came to visit us for their Spring Break, so we've been showing them around our new little home these past few days. It's been pretty great because it's "forced" us (me and Matt) to do some of the things we've been wanting to do but haven't gotten around to doing yet.

(64): My remaining hand-dyed skeins//(65): Booked a trip to Portland for my bday!//(66): Finished Couer de Lion
(67): Spent some time in the sun//(68): Flights at the Bruery//(69): First Pinkberry (YUM)//(70): Finished some socks!

As you may or may not know, Californians LOVE them some craft beer. If you google "Southern California breweries" you will seriously be blown away by just how many there are around here, and we make it a priority to check out a new brewery everytime we go to San Diego/the San Diego area. Since Mel and Greg got in late Saturday night and Matt didn't have any time off, we decided to do something on Sunday. Daylight Savings Time got the best of me (sigh), so we didn't really have time to make a day trip to San Diego, which would have been exhausting anyway. So we spent Sunday at the OC Zoo, which was pretty good for a $2 zoo, and then we headed to Placentia to check out The Bruery.

I've been looking forward to visiting The Bruery for awhile now, but for some reason we just haven't done it. Which is really dumb since it's SO close to where we live. They're beers are all over the place here, but they're kind of pricey, so I haven't wanted to invest in them just yet. The tasting room is in an industrial park (like Green Flash), so it's easy to miss it if you don't pay attention. We arrived at about 3pm on a Sunday and it was bumpin'! We found a few seats at the bar and ordered flights, which was really fun since they have SO many beers available to try and I wanted to try them all. Some of the beers I sampled include a sour raspberry & rhubarb, bourbon barrel aged chocolate & coconut, a spiced brown ale with YAMS & a holiday ale with gooseberries. They were all really tasty, but I was still glad I got to try a bunch before buying because some of them were just too much and I don't think I could drink an entire bottle.

So that has been the past few days. As you can see from my photos I've been knitting a lot and trying to get outside more. Oh! We booked a trip to Portland for my birthday next month and I'm really excited about it. I haven't been drinking much beer at all lately (which you would never guess based on this post...), so I told Matt that I wanted to have a pint at as many breweries as we could hit & buy a skein of yarn from every yarn shop we stopped at. We are leaving on April 3rd & heading back on the 6th (my birthday), so there will still be time for cake & GAME OF THRONES. What a nice present, right?

I finished my Coeur de Lion, which I blogged about last week, but I also managed to finish two pairs of socks. Yep! My (two pairs of) March socks are already done and it's only the 11th. I need to buckle down and finish this wedding present, but I'm itching to cast on for another shawl or a sweater even. I let myself cast on some more socks because I'm flying tomorrow and need something to work on. That's legit, right? Well, that explains the first pair at least. Whoops? Mel & Greg are touring Hollywood today, so I'm planning on having a low-key day of getting caught up on my knitting and stuff. And packing. I need to pack. And book a shuttle. And workout.

So many things to do and none of them fun. I better get to it; it's an arms day today!

Happy knitting!

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