Wednesday, January 8, 2014

WIP Wednesday

Working on my second "Midwest is Best" hat. I really love this stitch pattern and this color, which isn't really as light as it appears in the picture above. I'm hoping to have the kinks worked out, photos taken and pattern published by 1/13. It'd be nice to stick with my one pattern per month resolution, at least for the first month.

I'm also working on something else, but it's kind of a surprise for someone. Well, I guess that depends on if it works out or not. I'm still kind of a newb to colorwork and I think I pulled my yarn too tight. Crossing my fingers it blocks out or into the frog pond it goes.

Tomorrow I'm having a coffee date with Christie and we vowed to bring whatever we don't want to work on. I'm choosing between sleeves (4 of them!) and 2 pairs of delinquent socks, one too big and one at the heel. Sigh. I really want to finish those sweaters up. Y'know, before I leave for California next Saturday.

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