Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tuesday Photos: Week 4

(22): Cooking again//(23):Reading more (trashy) books//(24): Second 7 mile walk of the week
(25): Impromptu trip to San Diego//(26): Beautiful La Jolla//(27): First sock FO of 2014//(28): I trapped a dog

This week has been pretty low-key. I managed to work out almost everyday (in some capacity or another) and logged 20 total miles. Most of that is walking, but heck yes I will take it! My second walk was inland with a Starbucks as my final destination. Boy was that a mistake! That has to be the most boring walk of my life. I will definitely focus on walking along the coast or at least find some other scenic areas to check out.

I also finished my fourth book of the near year: Tampa. Wow is this book a hot mess. It was interesting to read a book from the POV of a sociopath, but I would only advise those with a strong stomach to read this book. The main character is filthy! I've moved onto the much tamer Wild, which is being made into a movie later this year. The main character is pretty self-indulgent, which is a reading pet peeve of mine, so we'll see if I get around to finishing it. I might need some happier eye bleach after Tampa...

Matt & I also hit San Diego for the weekend! It's always hard to coordinate schedules when there are only two cars available to Matt and his coworkers, so when Matt came home from work on Friday and told me we had the car for the whole weekend, my immediate response was to pull up Hotwire and book us a room. As you probably know, we have turned into beer snobs in recent years, so no trip South is complete without a stop-off at some brewery. And Southern California is chock-a-block full of them! Last time we ended up at Stone, which was AMAZING, so we decided on Green Flash this time around since neither of us have tried many of their beers. 

We skipped the tour, so I can't really lend any advice on that one. But one thing I really liked about Green Flash is that they offer many different sizing options for trying their beers. In most cases you can select 2, 4, 8 or 13-16 ounce pours, which is great if you're unfamiliar with their brews. We ended up selecting a few 2 ounce tasters (only $1 each!) and nestled under the sun for a bit. 

I decided on the Serrano Pepper Double Stout (YUM) and Matt opted for a West Coast Pale Ale. We also sampled the Symposium IPA, Saison Diego, and their Rye Barleywine, which packs a serious punch. Don't try this at home, kiddos. 

Green Flash also doesn't have a kitchen, so you can either pack a lunch (like we did) or purchase from one of their food trucks. I love stuff like that!! We left with a growler full of more stout and a few 4-packs of clearance (!!) triple IPA. You know how I feel about clearance and beer clearance? EVEN BETTER.

The rest of the weekend was pretty low-key as we explored the city a bit more and had a quiet pizza dinner (after I took a nap...whoops). We detoured through La Jolla on our way back to Seal Beach and even on a cloudy day it was super beautiful! There were SO MANY seals just hanging out in on the beach and even in the water. I'd love to go back there soon and stay for a weekend or so. I would probably live on that beach like a wannabe mermaid just to watch those stupid cute seals play all day.

And now things are back to real life. I have a stupid root canal scheduled for Thursday (yikes!) and a trip home next Tuesday. Oh and so much knitting "work" to get done if I want to stick with my goals for the near year. I can't fail before February because that is just lame. 

Oh and remember when I trapped a dog in the laundry room? I should probably go check on her.

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