Monday, November 4, 2013

Something new

Every once in a while it's good to take a break. I've been knitting up a storm lately and while I was home for two weeks, I think I managed to finish 4-5 different projects. Insane, right? I like to joke that I need a new hobby like I need a hole in the head, but I love falling in love with new projects. Some take awhile to grow on me, like cross stitching.

It hasn't gotten any faster, but I finally managed to finish one. I like to imagine a little corner in my (future) handmade home dedicated just to finished samplers. Maybe I'll be over this hobby in a few weeks and maybe I won't.

I also spent a few days dyeing yarn with my pal Christie. It was freezing and lots of fun. This skein was actually from over the weekend, when I set up shop in our little California kitchen. Consider me hooked. We spent two days dyeing yarn at Christie's and when I got home, I promptly ordered 10 more skeins to dye while I'm home for Christmas.  In the meantime, I bought some lower quality 100% wool from Joanns & decided to experiment with different dyeing techniques. The skein above used layered immersions and though the quality of wool isn't what I would like, I'll definitely try to recreate this skein when I get some MCN. Because I'm kind of in love with it. Once I get into the groove of it again I'll make a proper dyeing post.

Oh yeah. And I accidentally made self-striping yarn. How did that happen? I have absolutely no idea. I call this one Ghoul School and it tickles me to death. I'm kind of a sock monster lately, which is another "something new" that I will ride until I hate them all over again :)

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