Friday, July 19, 2013

Surviving Week 1

It's been hard being here, but I'm adjusting, I think.

I joke that living in Seal Beach is like a prison because, really, it is. Not in the hard times kind of way, but in that tongue in cheek, "I get to work out/read/learn new languages/listen to good music every single day!" kind of ways. And I should appreciate that ( it slowly drives me insane :D).

But really. I have no excuse to not get things, aside from me being a lazy little lady. I've been forcing myself out of the apartment every morning by 10am & not allowing myself to retreat back to my little fortress until 1:30/2. I've managed to work out every day this week, granting myself this weekend off; my muscles HURT. I finished two books, with my mother alleging I'll be "well knowledged" by the time I leave here. I assure you, based on what I've been reading, I will not be.

(Gone Girl & The Fault in Our Stars)

With everything that has happened this week (proposals (not mine), babies (again, not mine), winning contests that I can't enjoy (finally, mine)), things could be so much better. But they could also be so much worse. I've signed up for a homebrewing class (tomorrow) and a wine tasting Meetup (also tomorrow), meaning I will have at least one social day this week.

Things are looking up?

Instagrams from week 1

On a side note, I've only spent *$5 this week. I can be a frugal person when I have to be!

*aside from those horrible student loans that will, no doubt, plague me for the rest of my life.

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