Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What I'm Working on Wednesday

Well it's crazy overcast today and it smells like rain, so these photos might not be the best, especially in the Alegria shawl I'm working on. I haven't finished my 2 requisite WIPs that will allow me to start a new project, but I figured that swatching was ok! 

My Iceland Shawl in Manos Alegria

So I started this swatch last night and ripped it back when it was about double this size. I think I liked what I saw. I exchanged one of the not-so-Ashley skeins of Alegria I bought on a whim (Botanico, also beautiful, but NOT Carnaval) for this skein that I've been eyeing for awhile. It's always a happy surprise when a skein of sock yarn looks as beautiful in the wound ball as it does in the skein and Carnaval certainly does. I'm hoping this shawl is one of the (many) things I finish in the next two weeks. It's going to be triangular with some dropped stitch "stripes" along the way.

Habitat in Manos Rittenhouse
This hat has been lost at least 2-3 times since I started knitting it. I don't really have much to say about it aside from everyone and their mother/brother has knit this hat at least once. This will be my second time knitting it, but the first was a gift that I loved so much I almost stole it. Finally one of my own in this beautiful cinnamon shade. I'm going to have some great hats this fall.

Color Affection in Tosh Merino Light
And another Color Affection shawl. I knit the first one in about a week because I was SO EXCITED but this one is dragging a little bit. It doesn't help that I've had to rip out that third color 3 times because nothing I added seemed all that great. Finally I had to break down and order the Grasshopper colorway to complete my combination. I'm very happy with how it's working up, but all that garter stitch is starting to drive me mad. Thankfully there are so many shades of Tosh Merino Light to choose from that I knew I would find something else to knit with.

I still have 2 hats to start for Iceland, but I absolutely need to focus on finishing up my sample sweater. We shall see.

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